Omnitapps Selector

With Omnitapps Selector you can create your own professional selector and generate business. For user visualization it’s very important to search and find the right product or service in an easy and user-friendly way. That’s why you can visualize your products with this selector. When a user is swiping through a collection of products, he can easily touch on a product for more information. Or go through the selection criteria – you have defined yourself – on the touch screen and the products fitting his needs will remain visible.

The selector is equipped with many features, so it’s easy to share information about a product. Product pages will give more information, photos, technical details, etc. PDF files can be requested and when a form is filled in – with an onscreen keyboard – the selector software sends it immediately to the user. You can keep track of how many PDF files are requested or how many download links are activated. And it’s also possible to scan a QR code with a smartphone and link it to your webshop, so a customer can order immediately.


  • Share product information with photos, videos, information in a fast and easy way
  • Make the connection to your webshop to generate sales
  • Usable for products, services, educational courses, etc.
  • Easy to configurate
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