Omnitapps Digital Reception

With Omnitapps Digital Reception you get an easy to use gateway to your company or companies building. Let visitors register themselves and let them call the correct person before entering the building. This application can operate in each required language, since all texts used can be filled in by the end users themselves. Therefore the digital reception is easy to control and accessible for all your clients.

Omnitapps Digital Reception uses an easy to adapt and configure list of persons, names, companies and departments. The connection is established via VoIP, which can be configured within the application. This application can work with each VoIP service provider via an internal or external network.

NOTE:  Omnitapps Digital Reception can also be used for custom registration and telecommunications.

This special application can only be bought via Omnivision Studios or one of our official resellers, because a special training to make a configuration of Digital Reception is necessary.


  • Registration (custom registration is also possible)
  • Visitors contact (also possible with phone horn)
  • Easy search option (names / departments/ job titles / companies)
  • Multi-language possible
  • General call button (reception / security)
  • Outgoing call possible (taxi / hospital / hotel)
  • Advertisement area
  • Company information via screensaver
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