Get the attention of your audience with compelling presentations. With MediaViewer, the new way to present, this will become reality. With the thumbnail menu in the bottom of the screen you can easily select the files you desire to show. Using this multi user application will enable you to rotate and scale images, videos and pdf documents with an ease of a touch. Make your multi-touch presentation accessible and engaging for everyone. Enable your audience to interact with your content, on the same or a secondary screen.

Creating notes in your files, and save these in a data folder or in a video timeline


  • Multi user- and multi-touch media wall
  • Send information swiped in the request box
  • Draw on your media items and save including notes, snapping
  • Move, scale and rotate your media with multi-touch gestures
  • Toggle thumbnail bar navigation
  • View related content
  • Possibility to create different media categories
  • Use two menu’s on both sides of the screen when using a multi-touch table


  • Background customization with images and colours
  • Background per category can be set
  • Mouse mode available, single touch

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