Omnitapps Composer Museum Edition

Omnitapps Composer is a Touch software Suite with various applications that offers you a unique way to present your products or services. A touch screen in combination with Omnitapps is a total solution  Omnitapps is fully customizable. Show your product photos, videos, brochures etc within a multitouch environment or put your products in the spotlight through one of the games.  This can be used for product presentations, entertainment, information kiosk, virtual brochure holder, data collector, lead generator, etc.

Omnitapps Composer is the most advanced, complete, and competitively-priced multi-touch software application on the market. With the many applications, customers gain access to top-level multi-user software tools that are specifically designed for creating interactive touchscreen applications and deploying highly captivating multi-touch experiences within any public setting.

Omnitapps Composer is a full featured multi-touch software package which includes 20 applications.

Omnitapps Composer can be customized to fit a wide range of professional applications, including multiple game templates and configuration forms. When combined with Omnitapps-driven displays, organizations are able to direct traffic directly to their location while captivating audiences with highly interactive content.


  • Swipe content to a second display
  • One price for 20 applications
  • Multi-touch and single-touch operational
  • Redesigned configurator
  • Included with one year support (help desk) and updates
  • Resolution independent (for every screen)
  • Compatible with any Windows hardware
  • Supports over 15 languages (front-end and back-end)
  • Easy to modify
  • Omnitapps Player available for running Omnitapps Composer configuration on a screen

These applications are available in composer