Bakkerij Museum – Omnitapps Composer

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Touchscreen application for Dutch bakery museum.
Visitors can follow a main menu to view a video, a comprehensive encyclopedia to search on everything to do with the confectionery and children can choose from two types of games that are specifically designed in the style of the museum.
Using a Content Management […]

Omnitapps Brochure Request Solution

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This Omnitapps application is a solution where users can easily browse through a categorized range of PDF brochures. Users can request their digital brochures in different ways or even direct take away a printed copy. This solution is ideal for situations where a lot of different brochures are offered […]

Mars Wrigley Taxi Notice


Wrigley uses our custom made application to display all inbound taxi’s with their destination on a large display near the exit and waiting lobby.
This way guests and employees can see which taxi will arrive with the idea to share the taxi. Updates are done by the receptionist via a Content Management System. Receive offer for […]

Communication Application


Custom application where specific messages can be sent over the local network. The data can come from a database or custom Content Management system. (CMS)
This application can be used in processes where employees need to be updated during the day. Receive offer for similar solution Product Information