Heineken Experience Amsterdam Bartender Certificate

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For Heineken Experience in Amsterdam we created an application for the bar at the end of the tour. People are invited to become a draft master (bartenteder). With the pre-registration done on the application, the real draft-master from Heineken can easilly print-out a certificate.
The application is for getting attention, registering and printing. Receive offer for […]

Heineken Experience Amsterdam Bottle Your Own

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Bottle Your Own Heineken

Print your own text on a Heineken bottle.
“Bottle your own Heineken” is a touch screen application that allows visitors to print a name / text on a Heineken beer bottle.
The application runs on 12 information kiosks within Heineken Experience Amsterdam. Printing can be payed directly via CreditCard and is linked to an […]

G-Star Product Selector for iPad

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G-Star Product selector iPad

G-Star presents his denim collection with an iPad app.
Users can easily filter by price, model and size and see whether the chosen jeans are in stock.
The system communicates with the G-Star stock management system and performs automatic daily updates. Receive offer for similar solution Product Information

Solidfloor Floor Selector

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Solid Floor product selector

On behalf of Fetim, Omnivision has created a product selector. On the shop floor the consumer can find the right wood floor through a 42inch touch screen.
Through the search for style and atmosphere, but also on product features, the user can make a selection. The big advantage is that the wooden floors […]