Project Description

This Omnitapps application is a solution where users can easily browse through a categorized range of PDF brochures. Users can request their digital brochures in different ways or even immediately take away a printed copy. This solution is ideal for situations where a lot of different brochures are offered to take away, like in Hospitals, Tourist Offices, or Company Lobbies. This solution can also work on your exhibition floor or Car Showroom. Traditional brochure racks run empty while this solution is always ready to use. The system uses digital PDF brochures. When configuring this application you can decide which main categories you want to show. You can also decide whether users are allowed to Mail, Print and/or copy to USB their selected PDF files.
The application has an Analytics function, so you get usage tracking- and insights.

A comparable configuration with your content is available as All-in 1 Star solution for only €995 / $1100

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