Project Description

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The city of Den Bosch gave PresTop the opportunity to realize a beautiful project.
We placed 11 touch screens including a video wall consisting of two 55inch pcap screens (right and left) on which a registration system is applicable for the visitors. The middle screen (consisting of three 55inch  screens) has the Infrared touch technology and is used with Omnitapps multi touch software. They show vidieos of the city but also an aerial photo with markers giving access to the relevant photo’s and video’s for that part of town.
There is also one 55 inch pcap screen built into a round table. This screen will be used for applying for permits.
Another round cabinet is equipped with four 22inch touch screens including Omnitapps software and in addition there is a 32inch touch screen built into a leather bench, playing the famous Halli Galli game.
We are very proud with this great result!

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