We proudly introduce to you the new Omnitapps Composer 2.0.x 

We listened to our Omnitapps users and our growing group of resellers worldwide, made improvements and added new functionalities. We added very beautiful content in the default configuration to impress everybody when demonstrating Omnitapps and inspiring Omnitapps users to make their configurations as nice as these.

Screenshots Omnitapps Composer_groot


The very much desired return button in the MediaViewer app is now there, this button improves the navigation in the popular appplication. Also we added new standard menu buttons like Hexagon, Honeycomb and Square! See screenshots below this page.

Omnitapps Composer Advanced & Composer Ultimate will be replaced by Omnitapps Composer. The new Omnitapps Composer (version 2.0.x) has all characteristics of Omnitapps composer Advanced.

Our new products are named: 
–  Omnitapps Composer
–  Omnitapps Player

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Click here to download Omnitapps Composer 2.0.x.

Omnitapps Composer in a nutshell
Omnitapps Composer is a full featured multi-touch software package which includes 18 applications. Omnitapps Composer is a Touch software Suite with various applications that offers you a unique way to present your products or services. A touch screen in combination with Omnitapps is a total solution  Omnitapps is fully customizable. Show your product photos, videos, brochures etc within a multitouch environment or put your products in the spotlight through one of the games.  This can be used for product presentations, entertainment, information kiosk, virtual brochure holder, data collector, lead generator etc. When combined with Omnitapps-driven displays, organizations are able to direct traffic directly to their location while captivating audiences with highly interactive content.