We are happy to announce a new and more advanced version of Omnitapps Composer. As with all technical updates of Omnitapps Composer, version 2.2.0 has a lot of new functions and options. Here are the major additions:

Animated menu buttons

Animated buttons are trendy and now you can use them as menu buttons in the SwipeMediaMarker application! Subtle movements of an animated button make an interactive presentation even more beautiful. So everyone with a creative mind and skills to make an animated button can fully enjoy themselves. Instead of images, it is possible to have your custom (animated) SWF menu buttons.

Helpful visuals to place markers

Markers, we love them! And we understand, especially when you have many markers, that sometimes it can take some time to place all markers in the right place in a configuration. But we have figured out something to make it faster and easier to place them: Visuals help you to place markers or menu buttons with the free placement method.

QR codes

With the general request feature it was already possible to mail content, but now it is also possible to use a QR code. Users can scan the QR code in the request basket to receive their files immediately. This request function is available in MediaViewer, SwipeMediaMarker, BrochureRequest and TimeLine.

Scheduled shutdown

There is not always somebody present to restart or shutdown a PC. Now it is possible to schedule a computer shutdown.

Other enhancements

We made many technical improvements for speed and stability in this release. For more information on fixes and enhancements please take a look at all the release notes here. Omnitapps Composer version 2.2.0 is ready to use, so update or download the latest version.

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