At Vincentre, in Van Gogh Village Nuenen, visitors are able to discover how Vincent van Gogh lived and painted. All this of course using the latest presentation techniques such as the “Discover Vincent Table”. On this touch table visitors can learn all about Vincent van Gogh via an interactive multi-touch presentation.

Experience Van Gogh’s life in an interactive way 

To let visitors experience Van Gogh’s life, we made a configuration with Omnitapps Composer. To show his family tree we used the SwipeMediaMarker. Using the MediaTimeLine his artwork can be viewed in chronological order. Various paintings can also be found in fun multi-touch and multi-player games such as Puzzle and Memory. Visitors can also compete against each other and find out if they are the biggest fan of Vincent van Gogh by playing the Quiz. A few paintings, which were made in the garden of the pastor in Nuenen, are indicated on an interactive map so visitors can see through the eyes of Vincent Van Gogh as they walk through the garden.

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View some screenshots below.