City Hall Etten-Leur informs citizens with Omnitapps

Two interactive touch tables with Omnitapps are placed at city hall Etten-Leur. These touch tables must help citizens to find their way in the forest of information, forms and brochures and help to obtain information even faster. Citizens can find out what events are held in the city and look for information by browsing through websites, brochures, photos and videos.

Citizens can also use the touch table to explaining a situation to a city all assistant by using street view or look on a digital city map. If someone need more information, then they can make an appointment on the touch table.

For this configuration we used the following applications:prestop_gemeente-ettenleur_2017_20
– SwipeMediaMarker to make an interactive city map
BrochureRequest to help citizens find brochures
ExternalApps to open websites
MediaViewer to show photos and videos




March 9th, 2017|Corporate & Public Areas, News, Product news|