Al Mouj Muscat – a freehold title waterfront community spread along a stunning 6km stretch of coast in Muscat of Oman, which offers outstanding lifestyle and leisure experiences that comprises residential properties – wanted an interactive application to show their collection of apartments, townhouses and villas. One of the requirements was that the interactive multi-touch software makes it easy to add new residential properties, product information, photos, videos and that they can affix a customizable (corner) label for each product.

It soon turned out that Omnitapps Showroom was the best multi-touch software solution, so Omnivision Studios made a customized Omnitapps Showroom configuration that allows them to show and sell apartments, townhouses and villas in an interactive way. If users use the touch screen, they can immediately choose between two categories and discover what is available for leasing and resale. At each residence users can view specifications (product information) and media such as photos and videos. We made custom (corner) labels, so the status for each residence can be easily adjusted to sold, rented or booked.

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View some screenshots below.