Omnitapps Composer release notes


  • Brochure Request – Now you can have separate backgrounds for each PDF folder. Same principle as at Mediaviewer (yourfoldername_background.jpg)
  • Browser – Added a whitelist option in the configurator. (Please note that Browser is rather old. You can consider using Google Chrome via the External app Launcher)
  • Common – Keyboard: Added a Belgian AZERTY keyboard and extended bulgarian keyboard
  • Common – Keyboard: Added a dedicated @ sign
  • Common – Now you see a notification when a new Omnitapps release is available while starting the application. (It does not interrupt the loading process)
  • Common – Related content menu’s are now opened by default.
  • Common – Related content: Now you can set to have the related content sidebar always open.
  • Common – When you set a specific path for saving Drawings, annotations and screenshots, now Omnitapps does not change those paths when you export your project. Even when this path lies outside of your configuration folder path.
  • Configurator – Now you can make fully make use of the configurator view while Windows runs in portrait mode by scaling the panels.
  • External App Launcher – Enhanced method to call the Google Chrome webbrowser. Now it responds better with argument –kiosk (fullscreen)
  • External App Launcher – Now you can set two homebutton positions, just like you configured for Omnitapps applications.
  • MediaViewer – We added an extra button on top of the media menu to go one step back in the folder structure.
  • MediaViewer – When you add MP3 audio files to your media folders a new button icon type will be displayed.
  • MediaViewer – You now can configure to upload new media automatically to your online request account. (Mediaviewer updates automatically when new content is placed in it’s folders).
  • Menu – New standard button shapes: Hexagon, Honeycomb and square. Of course you still can select your own button graphics.
  • Screensaver: Now you can have the screensaver content also on your second display. (not the tickertape)
  • SwipeMediaMarker – You now can set a value for each marker where to open the media on the screen. You can enter an absolute XY value per marker.
  • Timeline – Now you can change the viewing order by using brackets before the folder name. The text between the bracket determines the order. E.g. [1]Flowers [2]Cars
  • VideoPlayer – Now you can configure to view the video fullscreen or bounded by its own size.


  • Common – Forms: Solved a logic problem where you could have a field set as required but also set the minimum character count to 0. In that case the field was not required.
  • Common – solved a problem where games with battle mode (Shuffle & Memory Game) did not transfer correct data for both players to
  • Common – solved a problem where you could not select an alternate configuration (default storage) path at the Omnitapps settings page.
  • PuzzleGame – Solved a problem where JPEG images where not recognized as JPG does.

Special Q&A

Q: Will I get a notification in Omnitapps Composer Advanced or Ultimate about this upgrade?
A: No, you don’t get a notification because Omnitapps Composer 2.0.x is a new version

Q: Can I use my current license key for Omnitapps Composer 2.0.x ?
A: Yes. Both Advanced and Ultimate License keys work for Omnitapps Composer 2.0.x
You need to deactivate Composer Advanced or Ultimate via the configurator in order to activate the new Composer 2.0.x

Q: Do I need to change my current configuration?
A: The new Composer opens your current configurations. When you have a wayfinding application in your project, it will be removed.
The new Composer uses the same shared configuration location ..\\my documents\Omnitapps Composer Advanced

Q: Currently I use Omnitapps Composer Ultimate. What will change?
A: The new Composer will open your configurations except for the wayfinding apps.
You need to copy your current configurations from ..\\my documents\Omnitapps Composer Ultimate to ..\\my documents\Omnitapps Composer Advanced

Q: Can I use my current configurations in the new Omnitapps Player?
A: Yes you can copy your configuration to ..\\my documents\Omnitapps Composer Advanced
Please check your configuration on a Omnitapps Composer version first. (In the player you cannot correct any problems because it does not have a configurator)

Q: Do I still can have support on Omnitapps Composer Advanced and Ultimate?
A: Yes of course. When the “old” version goes end of life we will notify all known users via a mailing. We recommend however to upgrade to Omnitapps Composer because this version will be maintained from now on.

Q: I still use an old Omnitapps Professional version (up to V2.3) Can I upgrade to Omnitapps Composer?
A: Please contact our sales department for more information.

Q: Can I combine Omnitapps applications in one package?
A: We can make a combined version where you have Omnitapps Composer together with additional Omnitapps Applications such as:
Digital Reception, Selfie, Product Selector, Wayfinding
This way you can have Omnitapps Composer + Wayfinding. Please contact our sales department for information and pricing

Omnitapps Composer release notes


  • Now Omnitapps dispatches the computer i.d. (setting) to
    The setting “Computer i.d.” is moved from Request mailer login settings to Omnitapps settings because Omnitapps Players also must be able to set individual Computer i.d.’s


  • Solved a problem where you could not select a folder to export while Omnitapps was running full screen.
  • Solved a problem where “old” configuration opened by a new Omnitapps player did not get our new image homebuttons. Resulted in displaying no homebuttons.


  • We disabled the new annotation button function and screenshot button by default because all current projects would get this new functionality by default without asking. You can enable the annotation and screenshot button yourself if needed via the configurator


  • SwipeMediaMarker: While positioning a new marker you can move the actual marker image instead of only the crosshair symbol. Note: You need to configure a marker symbol before you position it.
  • SwipeMediaMarker: Now you can copy marker pages (including all markers and settings)
  • SwipeMediaMarker: Performance setting. Now you can turn off preloading next-and-previous page in case of extensive use of video backgrounds
  • Forms: Now you can copy fields
  • Configurator: Export function. Now you are notified when the total path+file length exceeds 260 characters. This is a limit where Windows has problems copying files and folders
  • Configurator: Now you can generate (pre-load) all thumbnails throughout Omnitapps with one click. Also you can choose to store all thumbnails in the project folder by default. When you run the configuration on another system it doesn’t need to generate those thumbnails again.
  • Survey: New question type – Ranking. To have the buttons next to each other.
  • Quizgame: New option that can display an “exlaination screen” after each question.
  • Menu: New function that detects the menu background image to be smaller than the previous selected background image. All menu buttons that do not fit on the new menu background image will be reset to the x=0 y=0 position for you to reposition.
  • Menu: Now you can configure custom menu icon not to resize (via checkbox). This way you can have mixed button sizes.
  • Keyboard: The new keyboard now can also be turned off. In case you have a kiosk or system with its own hardware keyboard.
  • Auto-Export: Automatically exports the database to CSV files (What you also can do via the configurator by pressing the “Export Database button). Note: This can impact Omnitapps performance because it writes the CSV files continuously while using Omnitapps.
  • Configurator: Now you can scroll the right hand pane with a scroll wheel of your mouse.
  • Request: (Throughout Omnitapps) Now you can configure NOT to have a form before printing- and USB request.
  • Mediaviewer: The drawing toolbar is opened on the left side of media elements. When there is no space for the toolbar to open it shifts the media a little bit to the right to give way for the toolbar.
  • Mediaviewer: When the menu bar background transparency is set to 0% the crumb path text will align horizontal. In this case it’s not needed to shift the last text (category) upwards.


  • ConfigSwitch Application: This application in the main menu screen can open another configuration. NOTE: In the Default Content V4 no settings are defined because we are not aware of other configurations on your system. By default the button does nothing till you configure it.
  • Keyboard: New type of touchscreen keyboard that you can modify. The new keyboard also has accented letters. (Press and hold that letter)
  • Omnitapps Data: (BETA) Omnitapps sends all data collected from the local databases to your personal account at
  • Drawing overlay: New drawing function that lies on top of Omnitapps. You can draw at the whole screen. (Not limited to media elements)
  • Screenshot button: New button that lies on top of Omnitapps. Take a snapshot of the whole screen and save it to a predefined folder.


  • Forms: (throughout Omnitapps) Solved a problem where the form field borders would not colorize to the configured font color.
  • Forms: (throughout Omnitapps) Solved a problem where a dropdown field marked a “Required” would not been checked.
  • Forms: (throughout Omnitapps) Solved a problem where the min / max character cap setting did not work in the front-end.
  • Mediaviewer: Solved a problem where media items entered the screen from the wrong side while the screen was rotated by the rotation button.
  • Mediaviewer: Solved a problem where files and folders with a . (dot ) in the file name would not be displayed.
  • Core: Solved a problem where you would go to a white screen state while the main menu was rotated and you select another configuration with only one active application.
  • Core: Solved a problem with exit password dialog where the message “Wrong password” would not go away.
  • Core: Solved several rotation related issues where some screen elements would not rotate or displayed in the correct position.
  • Configurator: Solved a problem where a selected path for “Export location” could not be removed. (With the trash bin icon)
  • Configurator: Solved a problem where a “Browse for folder” window would freeze when Omnitapps is set “Always on top”
  • Related Content: Solved a problem where the media container (placeholder) would resize when you open a PDF as media #1 and have videos and images as related content.
  • Puzzle: Solved a bug where the game timer would stop at 11:00 minutes.
  • SwipeMediaMarker: Solved a problem where you could not request related content media items

Composer Advanced 1.2.20 release notes:

Core – Request functionality rebuild. Update is mandatory for proper use of request functionality.
Core – Added optional home buttons in default configuration
MediaTimeLine – Complete rebuild. Image loading per category, faster startup time
MediaTimeLine – Added request function
MediaTimeLine – Secondary display support
Core – Media Upload Function: All media that can be requested in your app can be uploaded from the configurator into the Request mailer Serve. No need to upload the files by hand