Introducing Omnitapps

Since 2006 Omnivision Studios exclusively focuses on the development of (multi)touch-enabled applications. The software is developed and tested in The Netherlands by experienced developers. Omnitapps is our brand name and noticed for a variety of software solutions. Omnitapps products are ideally suited to communicate with users and customers in a highly intuitive and interactive way.

Omnitapps customers have installed multi-touch applications in a diverse range for example, retails shops, showrooms, education, training facilities, TV studios, fairs, conferences, hotels, hospital, museums, exhibitions and real estate centres. Our customers will see via Omnitapps, a digital route map, your business video, receiving brochures digital, can register themselves or entertain themselves with a digital game while waiting. You can make your presentations or training an interactive experience with Omnitapps.

All-inclusive Solutions

Custom-made by us

With Omnitapps everybody can create and maintain the configuration. If you don’t have time or resources to make a configuration, we are here to help you. We will deliver the configuration in the style you or your customer prefers.

Our All-inclusive Solutions

There are 4 different All-inclusive Solutions available. Each package contains:

• A meeting in which we will discuss your goals, devices and content
• A custom-made presentation which we will create based on your wishes and content
• An Omnitapps Player license
• An (online) instruction. We will learn you how to make small content changes yourself

 €995/$1100  Click here to see what you get

 €1495/$1650  Click here to see what you get

 €1995/$2200  Click here to see what you get

starting at €2000/$2200  Click here to see what you get

Rather do it yourself?

All of our packages are so easy to use that you can create everything yourself. We can imagine that you would like to have a training to get started. For more information, please contact our sales department or fill in your contact details here. More information about Omnitapps Composer you will find below.

Click on the images below to get an idea how much work it is to make a configuration.

Our Products


Omnitapps Composer

Omnitapps Composer will help you to enter the next level of your multi touch experience. The 20 applications of Omnitapps Composer will give you an unique way to present your products or services. With omnitapps you can turn your touch screen into a total solution. We believe we have the most user friendly software in the market, which eliminates the need for any programming. the software has a large range of configurable options, which allows you to give the Omnitapps Composer the look and feel you desired.

Show your content such as product photos, videos, brochures, etc. within a multi-touch environment or put your products in the spotlight by using one of the games. It can be used for product presentations, entertainment, information kiosk, digital brochures, collecting data, lead generator, etc.


“Used by thousands of companies”

                            Other Omnitapps Solutions

                                                            Standard touch screen solutions to create your own projects, easy configuring without coding.

Where to use

Our software solutions can be used at different locations. Applications or solutions can be custom-made.
If a required option might not be available by default, we can always make new modifications meeting your wishes.

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